My music store page is officially open for business! Tracks, including some of the "latest releases" are available for purchase and download. And there are some tracks available for a limited time as FREE downloads. 


Visit the MUSIC page to check it out!


I am officially announcing that I am accepting new projects! Here's a list of what I am offering:

* Song or album production from starting concept to finsihed master. Includes all songwriting, arranging, production, programming, tracking, mixing, mastering. Rates vary depending on scope of your project, contact me via the Contact page for rates.

* Soundalike tracks of ANY song you need for a live performance. Any genre including motion picture soundtracks. Can deliver in Pro Tools format with clicks if needed. Rates vary, contact me via the Contact page for rates.

* Mixing or re-mixing of any song you want mixed or re-mixed. Entire albums welcome too! $500/song flat fee.

* Mastering of any song, delivered in CD WAV, mp3, and streaming codecs, $90 flat fee per song.

* Sound design/sound effects for your movie, video, trailer, or presentation. Contact me via contact page for rates.

* Cleanup/restoration of audio to remove noise, clicks, pops, or other artifacts. Rates vary depending on nature and scope of project. Contact me via contact page for rates.

* Synthesizer preset programming. Need sounds for your synth you can't find? Contact me via the contact page.

* Complete keyboard tech services - I can setup your keyboard rig for a show! I've done keyboard teching for David Foster, The Cure, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Bonnie Raitt, Sergio Mendes, and many others. No job too big or too small. Contact me via the Contact page for rates.



Okay..I haven't updated my site since August of last year. Better late than never, I suppose. A lot has happened since then, some good, some bad. I'll leave out the bad for now. Shit happens.

The good news is that, as you can see, the entire site has been re-designed, there is new content and new links. And NEW MUSIC, available for purchase and download on the MUSIC PAGE. 

In other news -

I'm still busy performing with my tribute band, the fabulous Pat Benatar tribute Best Shot. If you haven't seen this band (which features the gorgeous Khristy Kay as "Pat"), you should. More than just a tribute band, it's a great band, period. Everyone in it is a stellar musician and the show is really a SHOW, complete with theatrics and costume changes and those great Pat Benatar hit songs (plus a lot of other songs from the Benatar catalog).

I continue to play keys with country-rock artist Shannon Rae and 100 Proof for whom I wrote or co-wrote all the songs on her first and second albums. We've graduated to opening for major country artists. Visit Shannon's website  for the latest info on shows.

Currently producing an album for my friend (and most excellent songwriter) Karl Bailey. It's a collection of well-written soulful Americana tunes. Setting a target date of spring 2019 for release. Also getting time here and there to continue working on my own solo album which will feature songs I've written and recorded with other singers.

My schedule with David Foster has been pared down this year, next shows are likely in October and November. Always grateful to work with David and my good friends in his band and on his production team.

I promise to try and update my blog once a month from now on!