New year, new songs, new gigs, friends made, friends lost. 

America's Got Talent phenomenon and incredibly gifted young singer Angelica Hale's debut single, produced by yours truly, is now out. The album's production was completed last October. My amazing superstar musician friends kindly lent their talents to the album tracks.. John "JR" Robinson on drums, Tariqh Akoni, Ted Mentry, and Rick Gagliano on guitars, Tara J. King and Melanie Taylor on backup vocals. In March, Angelica performed her version of "Girl On Fire" with the David Foster Band at Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix. I did the arrangement and charts..such a thrill to watch Angelica and the band perform it!

The country-rcck artist I have produced and written songs with, Shannon Rae, continues to do bigger and better gigs this year. She and the band have stepped into the world of performing at festivals in front of thousands of people. New songs from her upcoming third album have been added to the set. Proud of how far this has come since the first album was released in 2016. 

Still working on my "Compilation" record, featuring remixed songs I've written and produced over the years. Hoping to finish by spring of 2020. Still busy doing synth programming for major companies like Yamaha and Arturia. And writing new material every week. For me, music and sound creation has never been "work". So blessed to still be able to create with such great tools and such great talented musicians, most of whom are also great friends.

Most of all, thankful for the support and love of my best freind and love of my life, Katie. I thank God every day I found someone to put up with me.




My music store page is officially open for business! Tracks, including some of the "latest releases" are available for purchase and download. And there are some tracks available for a limited time as FREE downloads. 


Visit the MUSIC page to check it out!


I am officially announcing that I am accepting new projects! Here's a list of what I am offering:

* Song or album production from starting concept to finsihed master. Includes all songwriting, arranging, production, programming, tracking, mixing, mastering. Rates vary depending on scope of your project, contact me via the Contact page for rates.

* Soundalike tracks of ANY song you need for a live performance. Any genre including motion picture soundtracks. Can deliver in Pro Tools format with clicks if needed. Rates vary, contact me via the Contact page for rates.

* Mixing or re-mixing of any song you want mixed or re-mixed. Entire albums welcome too! $500/song flat fee.

* Mastering of any song, delivered in CD WAV, mp3, and streaming codecs, $90 flat fee per song.

* Sound design/sound effects for your movie, video, trailer, or presentation. Contact me via contact page for rates.

* Cleanup/restoration of audio to remove noise, clicks, pops, or other artifacts. Rates vary depending on nature and scope of project. Contact me via contact page for rates.

* Synthesizer preset programming. Need sounds for your synth you can't find? Contact me via the contact page.

* Complete keyboard tech services - I can setup your keyboard rig for a show! I've done keyboard teching for David Foster, The Cure, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Bonnie Raitt, Sergio Mendes, and many others. No job too big or too small. Contact me via the Contact page for rates.